reminder: stop comparing yourself… to yourself…

Are you ever in the middle of working on a draft of something and then all of a sudden, completely out of nowhere, you get this wave of anxiety and angst that’s telling you that this project will never be as good as the project you’ve finished and are currently querying? That said project you’re querying was probably just a fluke anyway and you’re actually not that great of a writer to begin with?!

If you’re anything like me, you end up feeling that about midway through every revision you’ve ever done.

I needed the reminder that I need to stop comparing my draft novels to my completed novels. I needed to remind myself that revision is a long process and that I need to allow myself to enjoy the process of discovery a bit more (and that I need to let go of the reins a little bit and just chill out). So I made a video that I can return to whenever I start getting into my head again:

Is this something that you struggle with? How have you managed to avoid this/what do you tell yourself whenever you start falling down into this spiral?

Sending love! x Elle

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