how do I get off the hedonic treadmill???

Do you know about the hedonic treadmill?

This idea that, even from our highest highs and lowest lows, we will all (eventually) return to our baseline level of happiness?

This is something that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about recently and I’m genuinely working on in my own life. I feel like I get so caught up in the next big thing that I don’t really let myself celebrate my achievements. EVER. And I get really weird and uncomfortable whenever people try to celebrate them with me. But no, that needs to stop. It’s 2021, we’re celebrating the amazing things we’re doing because we deserve to celebrate. But I also think that it comes from the fact that I sometimes don’t really even admit to myself how badly I want things when I’m in the process of working on them. It’s a defence mechanism, being like “I’m just sending queries hehe” when really I’m basically frothing at the mouth like someone please love this book as much as I dooooo….

Anyway that was a lot. Tell me your thoughts on this! I hope you’re having an excellent day x

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