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Hot Summer

Cas Morgan has spent years of her life watching Hot Summer, the hit reality dating show that pairs together a bunch of sexy singles in an exotic island location….

Now, she’s a contestant, and she’s torn between listening to her heart or sticking to her strategy.

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The cover features two white women lying on a green and white striped pool float. The one on the left, Cas, is wearing a red strapless bikini, sunglasses, has short brown hair, and a sleeve of tattoos on her left arm. The woman on the right, Ada, is wearing a pink one piece, sunglasses, and has shoulder-length red hair. There are red and pink rose petals in the pool and, in the background, Femi, a black man with white sunglasses and a green necklace, is flirting with Sienna, a black woman with her hair in a ponytail with a red ribbon and a yellow bikini. The title, HOT SUMMER, is in pink neon capital letters over the pool in front of a white wall with a heart-shaped cut out so the sea is visible beyond. There are green leaves growing along the edge of the wall and a boom mic is dangling over the scene from the top left corner. At the bottom it says, “Elle Everhart, author of Wanderlust”.


Dylan made the… slightly impulsive decision to ring the radio and somehow won a travel contest. The catch? She has to go with a random phone contact

The random contact? The guy she accidentally ghosted.

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The cover for WANDERLUST by Elle Everhart. The cover features two people, visible only from torso down, with two suitcases between them. The woman, Dylan, is wearing white jeans with a green jumper tied around her waist and is holding the handle on a purple suitcase. The man, Jack, is wearing a business shirt and trousers and has his hand on a green suitcase. Both suitcases are covered in travel stickers with tourist attractions on them. The background of the cover is almost a kaleidoscope, with four different colours radiating around the background, each with a different skyline. From top to bottom, left to right: Bangkok skyline in yellow; New York City skyline in pink; Sydney skyline in lilac, and Tokyo skyline in orange.