Hot Summer

This summer, things are about to heat up.

Cas Morgan has spent years of her life watching Hot Summer, the hit reality dating show that pairs together a bunch of sexy singles in an exotic island location. Like the rest of the TV-watching UK public, she’s captivated by the hot contestants, outrageous fights, and hilarious banter. But she never quite thought she’d be a part of it, until her company secures a partnership with the production team behind the show, and Cas is handpicked as a contestant. She won’t get any extra help making it through the eight weeks in the hot Cypriot sun, but if she does well and makes it to the finals, her long-awaited promotion will be secured.

Cas is ready to spend the summer trying to make herself more likeable to win over the voting public—and, if not likeable, then at least iconic. But just as she steps into the villa, her entire plan goes off course. She’s instantly smitten with fellow contestant, Ada, who shockingly appears to be on the show to find a genuine relationship, one Cas can’t give. Ada is gorgeous and charming, and seems to like Cas exactly as she is, sharp-edges and all. Cas isn’t used to the side of herself Ada brings out, and when their connection becomes undeniable—and Cas’s own standing in the villa precarious—she’s torn between listening to her heart or sticking to her strategy.

The cover features two white women lying on a green and white striped pool float. The one on the left, Cas, is wearing a red strapless bikini, sunglasses, has short brown hair, and a sleeve of tattoos on her left arm. The woman on the right, Ada, is wearing a pink one piece, sunglasses, and has shoulder-length red hair. There are red and pink rose petals in the pool and, in the background, Femi, a black man with white sunglasses and a green necklace, is flirting with Sienna, a black woman with her hair in a ponytail with a red ribbon and a yellow bikini. The title, HOT SUMMER, is in pink neon capital letters over the pool in front of a white wall with a heart-shaped cut out so the sea is visible beyond. There are green leaves growing along the edge of the wall and a boom mic is dangling over the scene from the top left corner. At the bottom it says, “Elle Everhart, author of Wanderlust”.