May Goals and April Wrap-Up

So remember how last month I missed my end of month wrap up? Well, I did it again.

My April goals were ambitious (at least for me), and I knew that going in:

  • Win Camp NaNo
  • Send out queries: check ins and new queries
  • Make adjustments to manuscript based on recent feedback
  • Do more research about streaming

Now, sitting here bright and early on 1 May (wrapped in a blanket because my house is freezing), having only done half this list (the first half), you might think that I’d be feeling all sorts of down on myself, but I’m actually feeling okay with where I’m at. My biggest goals were to get a good way through my revision of what I’m calling the Buzzfeed project (that’s what winning Camp NaNo was about) and to send a few new queries. I sent those early in the month and I’ve been crossing my fingers ever since. I’m still getting feedback on my manuscript, so I can’t quite swoop in with the edits yet, and I’m still thinking a lot about streaming, though I think I’m going to have to put that on the back burner at the moment. If you stream (or you watch writing streams), let me know who/what you think I should check out. I feel like I’m still finding my lay of the land in that corner of the internet.

Oh, and in case you’re interested, I vlogged all of Camp Nano this year:

When I’ve been trying to think about what I might like to do this month, I can’t ever muster more things than just finishing the revision that I started in April. I’ve been sitting here like I need to have at least one other thing to focus on, but honestly, I have enough going on in my personal life this month than just finishing my second revision is probably enough for the month.

So that’s it. That’s my May goal:

  • Finish second revision

I’m feeling very confident with this project at the moment and I’m really enjoying working on it. There’s something about the project that feels very good and very relevant to me right now, and even while I still sometimes feel like I’m dragging words out of my head, I feel like there’s something just like… good in this project, you know? Something I, personally, need and need to write.

Needless to say, I’m very excited about it.

What kinds of things are you thinking about this month? What do you want to work on in May? Let me know and I’m sending you lots of good vibes!

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