March wrap-up and April goals

well… I missed my March wrap up yesterday 😅

Oh well, life happens.

March was a weird month — I started the month feeling pretty burnt out, and, while I still feel quite tired, I feel like I’m starting to find a little more balance. It’s coming slowly, but work has also been absolutely wild, so it’s no wonder I still feel stressed haha.

I’d set myself a smaller set of goals for March, and I’m glad I did:

  • finish second draft of YouTube novel
  • choose 2nd project to second draft
  • submit in PitMad
  • get 10 more crowns in French

I somehow managed to get 38 crowns in French (…. I literally have no idea how), but writing was a little harder, especially towards the end of the month. I submitted to PitMad early in the month and was chugging along with my writing, but as the month wore on (and I got towards the end of my draft), I realised that I had no idea how this story needs to end and no mental space to be able to end it. I had partially drafted the last two chapters when I decided to leave it, and maybe that seems like giving up, but I think that was the right decision for now, because, really, the whole plot needs to be re-worked and I’m ready to move onto something else.

Which brings us to my APRIL GOALS.

  • Win Camp NaNo
  • Send out queries: check ins and new queries
  • Make adjustments to manuscript based on recent feedback
  • Do more research about streaming

That first one is a pretty big goal — I’m excited to start working on my project, though! I’m going to be editing one on the novels I first drafted… in 2019? I think 2019.

I really need to get better at seeing these projects through to the end, don’t I?

Anyway, let me know what you’re working towards this month! Sending you lots of good vibes and well wishes.

x Elle

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