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Well, hello, hello, here I am doing another day in my life post because, what do you know, I really liked doing the last one. I’m currently in the midst of filming a writing vlog that’ll be up on my YouTube channel next week, but I don’t know, I just liked…. writing my day out, too. So here we are!

6.40: my alarm went off and, for once, I rolled right out of bed. I’d been awake for a few minutes, just staring off into the darkness and listening to the dog snore at the foot of my bed and while I could definitely have fallen back asleep, I figured I should just get up. I grabbed my laptop and my notebook out of my office and dragged myself into the kitchen

6.42: I let the dog outside and put the kettle on to boil. While I was waiting for the kettle, I lit the pillar candles I have on my fireplace because, honestly, I deserved a bit of ambiance this morning

7.02: I finished making my tea (oops, I let it steep forever, but actually not oops because it’s the best this way) and, though I wanted to keep rolling around on the internet and catching up on my texts from the night before, I decided to get reading. I’m working on editing one of my old drafts this month and, wow, it is not going to way I expected it to (in that this first draft is genuinely kind of terrible)

7.07: I’m already frustrated with reading this story, but I did, at least, just get an idea for a cool bit I could add into the next draft, so that’s something

7.35: I made my second cup of tea and spent a good minute staring out the window thinking about how soft the light looks when it’s freezing cold outside. I’m trying to more consciously work moments of gratitude into my day and it’s been good for me, I think, taking the moment to actively pause and notice something

8.00: I started my work day – I’m online for work until 16.00. As usual, I spent the day sending emails and organising the department’s life before the spring term starts next week (I also had the inauguration on in the background because I couldn’t help myself. Can we all just appreciate Amanda Gorman like… wow). I had cups… three more cups of tea during my work day, bringing the day’s grand total to five

16.04: I did my Breath yoga video for the day — the theme today was “Strength” and, I’m not going to lie, I walked into it pretty nervous because I’m already sore from… just being alive at this point I think, but it was a good opportunity (as it always is) to just be in my body

16.43: the kid and I went on our daily walk — we didn’t go far, just down the road, but it was so nice walking in the cold winter air (even if it was like gale force winds today)

18.37: after dinner, I sat down and played a bit of Sims 4 for an hour. I go through swings with this game where I feel like I can’t stop playing it and then I’ll put it down for months at a time. I’m currently very excited about this trio of siblings storyline I’m playing, so who knows how long I’m going to be obsessed (probably for a while if the last week is any indication)

20.00: the kid and I did our usual bedtime reading — tonight, I read him two chapters of The Dark Prophecy, the second book in the Trials of Apollo series. I have to say, the PJO books are still my personal favourite, but I do love getting to read a dramatic character like Apollo

21.04: I sat down for the night, fresh out of the shower, to finish writing this post, and then got ready to roll into bed with a book (I’ve just started reading One to Watch and I’m really enjoying it so far)

I think it’s maybe something about the conscious check in factor about how my day is going that I really appreciate about doing these. Where vlogging is definitely fun (and an excuse to talk my way through writing issues), there’s something about having to remember to sit down and write down a few lines about what I’ve been up to that I just really enjoy. It’s like being held accountable, I think.

Anyway, I hope you’re having a lovely day and that you and yours are all keeping well. Sending love!

x Elle

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