Query with me!

So as I’ve probably blathered on about here before, I decided to send out another round of queries on my travel novel this January (as I’m writing this, I’ve already gotten two rejections, but one came with a very interesting note about the opening of my prologue, so I’m thinking about that!). I’ve been finding it really helpful to work alongside people in these “work with me” videos over the last few months (I’ve also loved gaming soundtracks paired with rain sounds) and I decided that I wanted to film another one for my YouTube channel.

query with me in real time to some chill beats

basically what it says on the tin (except you don’t have to query, you can just work)

I have a small playlist of these videos now (and, shh, I filmed another one earlier this week that’ll go up at the end of the month that’s more a “POV you’re working across the table from me”), and this honestly was a nice way to slide back into YouTube.

Easy editing. Haha 🙂

Anyway, if you want a writing or working buddy, I’m here for you, pal!

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