I finished Gym Rivals!!!

Well, I can tick that off my December goals!

I finally finished drafting the Gym Rivals novel! Final word count for this first draft is 119799 and wow I can’t believe that I managed to write that much.

Or, okay, I can, because I’m wordy as hell, but still. That’s so many words. All of that came out of my brain.

I like to let my novels sit for a few months before I go back and start working on them again, so I now have a good few months before I’m going to be back in the middle of it again. Normally, I throw myself into writing another novel almost immediately after, but I’m going to spend the rest of this month working on the rest of my goals and then in January, I think I’m going to kick off the year by editing one of the novels I wrote last year (or maybe I’ll go really crazy and even edit a 2018 novel). I really need to commit myself to going back and editing my projects — not only will that help me actually have other things ready to query, but I think it’ll help a lot with my writing process in general, too. Getting to see the kinds of problems I identify a lot in my writing.

I think that it’ll be a nice bit of perspective, too, seeing how much I’ve grown over the years.

I hope your December goals are going well, my friends! Sending love x

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