December 2020 Goals

Look, I realise it’s the third week of December, but I’ve finally just gotten myself together enough to make a list of my goals for this month.

I am very much the sort of person who loves goals, but, given what, you know, 2020 became, my year long goals definitely fell by the wayside. That’s something I’m going to have to tangle with when I’m putting together my 2021 goals, but, for now, I’m going to let myself forget about it and just focus on wrapping up the last few loose ends from the year.

I’ve been feeling a little… not lost, but unmoored, maybe, since NaNo ended, and though I’ve been working on finishing Gym Rivals, I’ve definitely been feeling a little unsure about everything else that I’ve got to be working on. Not like I didn’t know what to do, but like I didn’t necessarily want to be doing any of it.

I’m very much in a “lay on the couch, watch Love, Actually over and over again” type of mood. Which is a mood I want to honour, but they apparently decided not to put Love, Actually back on Netflix this year, so I have to find some way to fill my time.

Like I said, though, I am someone who loves goals, and while I’m trying to take it easy (because that’s something I really need to work on), there are a few things that I need to finish up this year so that I’m not kicking myself come January. I thought it might be worth it to talk about those things here (if only because a little extra accountability never hurt anyone).

This December, I’d like to…

  • Finish Gym Rivals
  • Re-read Travel Novel again to prep for sending more queries
  • Put together my query plan for January
  • Figure out what my 2021 goals should be
    • Make my 2021 vision board (yes, I am that bitch)
  • Finish the v fun holiday fanfic I’m working on

It’s a short list, but the first two are definitely going to take a good bit of focus and make sure that I show up at my desk every day (consistency that I very much appreciate). I’m nearly finished drafting Gym Rivals now — it’s probably going to run about 20k too long, so that will be fun for editing me — and I think it’s actually wrapping up really nicely. I think re-reading the Travel Novel is based, in large part, paranoia (and a creeping sense that it might be near to the time to stop querying it and start querying something else), but I really do love that book, so a re-read can’t hurt.

What are you aiming for this month? Kicking back and relaxing? Finishing up a project you’ve been working on? Let me know so I can cheer you on x

6 responses to “December 2020 Goals”

  1. My goals for December are:

    – Finish draft 1 of book 1
    – Write half of draft 1 of book2
    – 1 round of edits on Books 2 – 4 in my older series (I already know what I’m doing edit wise, just need to implement)
    – Format my entire older series
    – Set up a new website
    – Rebrand (already in the works, just need final touches)

    It looks like a lot, but I’m already halfway through all of it. I’m excited to start 2021 on a good path and really take next year by storm!

    P.S. Are you ever going to go back to YouTube? I miss watching your videos!

    • That’s a great list!! I’m putting out so many good vibes for you because I definitely want you (and all of us) to have a great 2021.

      And I’ve thought about going back on YouTube! I haven’t ruled it out like… down the line, but I think it’s probably just not for me at the moment. Which makes me a little sad tbh but it’s true nonetheless

  2. Thank you! Good vibes for you too! It’s going to be a great year.

    And I understand that. Have you considered putting the videos you’ve already done back up? I would love to rewatch them! But I understand both ways. 🙂 I’m glad I still get this blog and your Monthly Love Letters.

    • I’m so happy you like the blog and the love letters!! I’ve been thinking about it, but I don’t know if I’ve decided one way or the other yet. Now that I’m going back and teaching, I have weird paranoia about my students finding them hahaha. I’m going to keep meditating on it, though, because I feel like I’m probably being dramatic about it

    • Okay, I’ve been thinking about it literally SO MUCH since you were asking about it, and I decided I was just being dramatic (standard me). They’re all public again! I still have to decide if I plan to make videos again, but I’m not going to lie, part of me is kind of missing it a little… we’ll see…… UGH THIS IS NOT THAT DEEP WHY AM I MAKING IT THIS DEEP!!!

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