NaNoWriMo 2020 – Day 16

Starting word count: 57865
Ending word count: 60210
Total words: 2345

I wrote my words this morning (I can’t believe that I’m on such a roll with that — hopefully I haven’t just jinxed it) and then didn’t have time to sit and reflect before sliding into work and now I have no idea about anything.

Brain. Hay. Ugh.

I worked more on chapter 14 today and even though I know that, at this point, it’s running really long, I still haven’t decided to cut it into two. I think I already know where I could cut it, so I don’t know why I haven’t? Actually, you know what, let me go do that now.

Okay, done.

I know you didn’t see anything, but trust me. It happened. I’m only a few lines into chapter 15, but I know, roughly, what I need to get out of the chapter. It’s hard (or it’s going to be) not to scoop myself and start talking about things that I end up talking about in ch16/17, but, honestly, even if I do, there are always the edits.

I feel like that’s my NaNo motto. You’ll edit this, you’ll edit this, you’ll edit this.

It’s nice to give myself the permission to be bad, you know?

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