NaNoWriMo 2020 – Day 15

Starting word count: 55808
Ending word count: 57865
Total words: 2057

You know, I love my dog very much, but she has a really, really horrible habit of waking me up early on the weekend. Like, yes, I know you want me to get up and get your squeaky ball, but the sun is barely up for the love of god let me sleep.

Anyway, I did get to my computer earlier this morning, so I guess it’s….. fine.

I was working on the beginning of what was, at the time, chapter 15 when I decided that yes, actually, I do need another chapter between 13 and 14 to smooth that transition out a little bit. I think that in terms of character/relationship development it was the smart move, but it definitely still needs work in terms of like… the plot and the writing because omg it is very, very clunky. But we’re getting there, folks, we’re getting there.

In the interest of full transparency, I did write a few sentences here and there in some later scenes in the book, but I spent the bulk of today writing the new chapter 14. I finished all my writing this morning, too, like before my kid even woke up — I don’t know what I did to have two very nice writing days in a row, but whatever it was I’m grateful for it and I really hope this luck holds out.

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