NaNoWriMo 2020 – Day 11

Starting word count: 47409
Ending word count: 49578
Total words: 2169

This isn’t really a picture of my day, but this is the picture that I ironed onto a shirt today. The colours are a bit darker in my print out and, honestly, I should have probably just gotten it printed nicely somewhere if I were going to be serious about it, but I’m not being serious about it. I just wanted this absolutely gorgeous image on a t-shirt.

So in this respect, mission accomplished.

It’s really the little things like this that end up bringing me so much joy.

Image of Liberty Leading the People (painting by Eugène Delacroix, 1830), but Liberty has been replaced with the Philadelphia Flyers mascot, Gritty. Gritty is wearing Liberty's dress, holding the French flag in one hand and a musket with bayonet in the other.
Liberté, Egalité, Gritté

It was a nice, grey, rainy day where I live, so I spent the day listening to the rain and watching leaves blow off the trees in my back garden. I know that some people hate the rain, but this is my absolute favourite weather — it looks like I’m going to have it, too, on and off for the next fortnight, so honestly, I’m thrilled.

I wrote about 1000 words this morning before work and, you know, I’m apparently not taking my own advice from a few days ago, because I’m really just consistently leaving about half my work for the end of the day every day. My morning writing went surprisingly well, but I feel like it was… not quite like pulling teeth, but like trying to find the golden needle in a haystack (the haystack being my post-work brain). Like even getting myself to focus this evening felt like it was impossible, but I finally had a line pop into my brain for a conversation between my main character and her housemate in one of the later chapters of the book and so I just seized on that inspiration.

I’ve leaving off tonight at a point where, honestly, I feel like I could keep writing. I know they say to leave it there (like in the middle of chapters and things) because it’s so much easier to pick up again, but I feel like I’m always afraid the vibe of the scene is going to disappear from my mind before I get back to my desk again.

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow, won’t we?

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2 responses to “NaNoWriMo 2020 – Day 11”

  1. I ended up purchasing a Christmas sweater from Target that says “Resting Grinch Face” and it honestly made me so happy. I also got a bunch of books from some bookstores in the last few days. It’s been a really great few days! I understand the power of simple things.

    Also, writing hasn’t been the greatest for me. I’ve been trying to force the words out, but it comes and goes. It’s been an experience. I think I’ve made it to a place where the story will flow a bit better, but here’s hoping!

    • omg that sweater sounds AMAZING. I love, love a good Christmas jumper — I need to get myself a nice one this year (maybe I’ll check out Target). And omg new books!!! What titles did you get? And yes re: small things, I totally agree!

      I’m so sorry that your writing hasn’t been going well. I’m glad, though, that you’ve made it to a place where things are flowing a bit better. I hope that this comment finds your writing going smoothly!! x

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