NaNoWriMo 2020 – Day 10

Starting word count: 45336
Ending word count: 47409
Total words: 2073

Day 10 is something that we talk a lot about at work — day 10 numbers, day 10 enrolments — so I’m walking into day 10 feeling like there’s quite a lot to learn from the numbers today. I managed to write right around my started amount and, overall, I’ve got 21,637 words so far — I’m a little over the 20,000 I would have expected with my 2000 a day, so if my day 10 numbers are to be believed, I’m in good shape so far this month!

Honestly, I’m a little surprised that that’s the case because I have been feeling quite discouraged where writing has been concerned, but apparently I’m not letting that affect my writing output. At least, I’m not right now.

Photograph of a my shadow across the ground -- there is grass in the background and a pavement that runs diagonally from the lower left corner to the upper right corner. There are brown and yellow leaves all over the grass and the pavement.
I wish you could tell that I’m wearing my N*SYNC shirt in this picture

I did the bulk of my morning writing while on a nice long walk — it was humid (the humidity here will literally never die), but cool, the sun was shining, the leaves were falling, and so even though I write so much slower on my phone, I think it was a nice use of my time this morning.

The words also seemed to flow a little bit easier away from my desk. Like things felt lower stakes than they do when I’m sat here staring at my screen.

Also I really don’t think I can overstate just how nice it is to get a little Vitamin D. Especially with the long, grey winter days looming.

My evening writing was not nearly as scenic and definitely not as easy, but I managed to get through it. Sometimes I feel like it’s the first few minutes that I really struggle, but once I let myself really sink into things, I find it a lot easier. Tonight, I wrote without music, instead listening to the sounds of the crickets and the road noise outside my (incredibly, considering the fact that it’s early November) open window.

All told, I think that this was a great day to spend my day 10 — a little sunshine, a little dancing (or, okay, a lot of dancing) to Little Mix, and even more words written into the middle of my book. How did your day 10 go?

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