NaNoWriMo 2020 – Day 1

Starting word count: 25772
Ending word count: 28054
Total words: 2282

picture of my laptop open to YouTube video "1hr Uncle Iroh Inspiration - LoFi Study Beats". There is a pen and a post it in the lower right foreground, barely visible at the edge of the frame, and a blue mug of tea on the warmer.

This NaNo, I’m working on the project that I’d started writing in October, so I’m not starting from nothing this year. I started drafting this project more or less chronologically (I have a few later scenes partially drafted, but otherwise, I’ve been writing from the beginning), so when I started writing, I was picking up about halfway through chapter seven — right on the scene that has been stopping me writing for the last week and a half because I literally just couldn’t get myself to write it for some reason.

It’s not even a particularly hard scene, I was just getting caught up on it. More, I think, because I was thinking about all the other issues I know I’m already going to have to fix and this scene just became sort of an excuse.

But we’re not worrying about that now! Is NaNo a prime time to, if I were so inclined, start drafting all over again? Totally. But I refuse to start this things from scratch when it’s barely even written. I’m going to need this first draft, as I need all my first drafts, to get through all the issues that are inevitably going to crop up, so I need to just get on with it.

It was hard getting back into this scene — and to be completely honest, I still totally hate it (I even left myself a note saying as much at the beginning of chapter seven just to help me move on) — but I did a few pomodoros and listened to some tube ASMR (and, okay, also this Uncle Iroh lo-fi beats video) I, at the very least, got through it. And if that isn’t some kind of NaNoWriMo energy, I don’t know what is. Let me know how you’re NaNo day 1 went!

x Elle

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  1. My nano is still going! I’m aiming for 5500 words a day for the entire month because I’d like to get two first drafts written. I’m currently sitting a little over 3,000 words. I’m pleased with the progress. Just need to keep going!

    • Wow, you are really aiming for the sky this NaNo! I’m so impressed with how much you’re writing. Sending you lots and lots of good creative vibes to help you get your projects drafted!!

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