NaNoWriMo 2020 – Day 2

Starting word count: 28054
Ending word count: 30068
Total words: 2014

I finished writing chapter 8 today, but oh my GOD does that chapter need a lot of work. The transition into chapter nine is awkward and awful and I already can’t wait to edit it.

There were a number of times where I almost gave up today.

picture of my desk -- laptop is open on the right foreground to a Google document with lots of writing. In the left foreground is a notebook, open and covered in pink post it notes. There is a yellow line painting and two collages on the wall at the back of my desk.
~where the magic happens~

The writing was clunky, kind of awful, and was really just…. not working out, and I spent a lot of time repeating that in my head as I was finishing chapter 8. But the glory of NaNo is that because the goal is to just get words on the page, it’s harder to let yourself stay hung up on things. At least, I usually find that to be my experience. Especially once I take the opportunity to reset. Today’s reset: the kid and I took a walk in the cold (where we talked more about Percy Jackson) and then I came home, put on my Stardew Valley while it’s raining ambience, and I wrote, wrote, wrote.

I still had a few more words I had to write by the time I had to get up to make dinner, but I just scrawled those out on my phone and bish, bash, bosh.

How’s it going for you? Day two is still early days, I know, but I hope it’s going well for you!

x Elle

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