Bid on an advanced copy of WANDERLUST to support reproductive justice!

Last year, Meet Cute Bookshop raised $50,000 to support reproductive justice across the United States, and they’re back this year to see if they can do it again!

To help support their effort, I’ve donated an ARC of WANDERLUST (along with a personalised note!) for Meet Cute Bookshop’s Romance for Reproductive Justice auction.

Graphic for WANDERLUST’s lot in the Romance for Reproductive Justice auction. The graphic has a pink border around a white and purple circular stripe background. There is dark pink font in the border that reads “Romance for Reproductive Justice”. The cover for WANDERLUST is in the centre and there’s a small thought bubble that reads “I’m an arc” in the top right. There is a dark pink cartoon uterus holding hands with a light pink cartoon book in the lower right corner.

Reproductive justice is a cause close to my heart – I firmly believe that everyone should have access to safe, free, reproductive healthcare. It’s something important to Dylan’s story in Wanderlust, too. Her ability to access abortion care ensured that she led exactly the kind of life she wanted.

No matter what trolls (or her parents) think about her choice, it was the right one for her.

Bidding starts 10th June 2023 at 9am Pacific time! There are loads of brilliant things up for auction this year – you can see the entire auction block here. If you’re interested in bidding on my ARC of WANDERLUST (along with a personalised note) you can check that out here!

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