WANDERLUST has found its way onto some must-read lists!

We’re a little over one month to Wanderlust (!!!!!!) and WANDERLUST has somehow managed to make its way onto a few must-read lists in preparation for the summer! I cannot get over the fact that people are not only enjoying my book, but that they’re enjoying it enough to recommend it to others! Truly a dream come true.

To date, WANDERLUST is one of…

  • Screenshot of Real Simple’s website featuring the article “Must Read Books Releasing Summer 2023”. Features graphic of an open book with flowers emerging from the pages on the pastel green background. Article by Lizzie Deal on April 25, 2023.
  • Screenshot of Book Riot article titled “40 of the most anticipated beach reads of 2023”. The article was written by CJ Connor and published 1 May 2023. The article image is a white woman wearing a straw hat, reclined on a beach towel in the sand. She’s holding a book open in front of her.
  • Screenshot of Library Journal's website featuring the heading "'Wanderlust' by Elle Everhart | Romance Debut of the Month". Text reads: "DEBUT Magazine writer Dylan wants more out of her job and is vying for her own column. On a whim, she enters a BBC radio contest and wins a trip around the world for two, all expenses paid. But there’s one huge catch—her travel companion will be chosen at random from her phone contacts. Just her luck, it’s Jack—the guy she recently met and made out with at a club and then promptly ghosted. Starting off awkwardly, they gradually rediscover their chemistry from that first night. But just as they begin bonding, Dylan, hoping to get the column, jeopardizes it all by posting an article with personal details about Jack, against his wishes. Now Dylan must find a way to gain back Jack’s trust and try to salvage their budding relationship. Debut writer Everhart crafts complex characters with well-developed backgrounds and plenty of entertaining banter. VERDICT Set against the backdrop of gorgeous international locales, this slow-burn rom-com will appeal to fans of travel and social media story lines as well as the forced proximity trope. Pair with Love and Other Flight Delays by Denise Williams."
  • Screenshot of Reader's Digest's website featuring the headline "15 Travel Books to Read for the Perfect Summertime Escape" by Leandra Beabout. Updated May 10, 2023. There are social icons and the strapline reads: 'Seeing the sights in person is always best, but experiencing a new place with a travel book is a great escape too'.
  • Screenshot of BookBub's website featuring the headline "19 Must-Read Novels on Modern Love" by Susan Choi on April 28, 2023. Image underneath features a white woman holding the book "Really good, Actually" over her head.
  • Screenshot of Paste’s website featuring the article “The Most Anticipated Contemporary Romance Books of 2023” by Natalie Zutter, published January 5th, 2023.

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