NaNoWriMo 2020 – Day 30 (the last day!!)

Starting word count: 88976
Ending word count: 91325
Total words: 2349

Well, here we are! The last day of NaNo.

I meant to write in ch22 — where I left off — but I ended up writing in what I think will be about ch25/26 instead. I was feeling those vibes today so, you know, I decided to honour them. Ch22 will be there tomorrow when, inevitably, I find myself back in this project again.

Just because November is over doesn’t mean I’m finished working, etc etc etc.

I’m going to have more to say tomorrow when I’m wrapping things up, but I’m so grateful, as always, that NaNo exists. It’s nice to make this commitment with myself and to do it alongside all of you. Especially this year when things were so very different — I very much appreciated the community.

I’ll be back tomorrow with one last NaNo post — my final wrap up — so I’ll see you round midday. Let me know how your last day of NaNo went in the meantime!

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