NaNoWriMo 2020 – Day 29

Starting word count: 86938
Ending word count: 88976
Total words: 2038

Today, I was determined to get to my computer and finish my writing before lunch and, you know what, I actually managed it. I’m finally in chapter 22 and I’m bumping right up against the next milestone I had for myself, so we’re able to slide very seamlessly into the latter half of the book!

I’m so relieved and so excited.

I’m definitely not going to be able to finish a whole draft before November is over tomorrow, but I think it’s been important not to push myself to just sit at my computer all day and write. It’s brought a bit more balance into my life which I’ve very much appreciated this month. I’m going to think more about my plans in my wrap up post on Tuesday, but just know that I’m already turning it all around in my head.

As for me today, I’m going to finish eating my lunch (a lovely stew) and then I’m going to head out and take a nice walk in the woods with my kid (as soon as our masks come out of the dryer). Just 2020 things 🙃

What’s your plan for today? I hope you’re getting in some good, not-thinking-about-writing time today x

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