NaNoWriMo 2020 – Day 25

Starting word count: 78279
Ending word count: 80595
Total words: 2316

Today, I wrote in bursts.

They were surprisingly easy bursts, the words practically flowing out of me and, sometimes, even making me laugh or grin like an idiot as I typed them (always a good sign), but they were definitely words written around the rest of my life this morning. In between letting the dog out, making tea, getting distracted by fanfiction (reading and, oops, writing it), scrolling around through my email. All the usual things.

Normally, writing like that means that I find it difficult to come back, that it takes me time to get my brain going again and back into the story, but I’m really hitting my stride with this story and these characters, so every time, coming back felt like nothing at all.

It was a great feeling if I’m honest.

I got to make a super fun list for one of my characters little quirks today, too, and wow, I always love a new project within a project.

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