NaNoWriMo 2020 – Day 22

Starting word count: 71150
Ending word count: 73252
Total words: 2102

So I procrastinated again today, but I did make sure that I got to my computer earlier than I did yesterday. Leaving my writing until late in the evening last night really was a mistake because wow it was like pulling teeth — it was definitely less difficult today, even though I did spend a lot of my writing time thinking about how I really just wanted to be wandering around outside rather than sat inside typing away.

I started the day by working on one of the crafts we got from our local library — they’ve been giving away small crafting kits for kids and adults (like this fabric bunting, pictured) for the last few months — and it was such a lovely way to start the morning, working with my hands and getting away from my screens. It had me thinking, too, just how grateful I am for libraries and how much I miss the staff at the library my son and I used to frequent before the pandemic.

Libraries are, truly, gifts in this world.

It was another grey day today (my favourite type), so I bribed myself with a nice long walk with the kid if I could get my writing done this afternoon. It took me a little over an hour (from about 2pm-3pm that was full, as noted earlier, with a good bit of mental complaining), but I managed to get through it all.

Photo of a fabric bunting craft in progress on a dark wooden table. Image is in portrait orientation - along the top and four rows of fabric. From the top, dark green leaf pattern; red, white and green teddy bear pattern; brown gingerbread pattern; white, red, and green rocking horse pattern. Along the bottom of the image is the bunting project -- it is a piece of hemp cord with the fabric pieces tied on.
We have about a million gingerbread fabric scraps leftover now, thank you to my local library

I worked on on chapter 19 exclusively and, shockingly, I found that I was really, really excited to be working there today. I think I’m getting to that point in the word count where the excitement starts to pick back up again because the final pieces are coming together. I’ve always found the first and final thirds of novels to be the most exciting parts to write, so I’m thrilled to have that last third energy again. There’s really nothing like it.

I also did a good bit of my writing with voice typing in Google Docs today, so that was a nice change of pace for me. I had to shut my office door so the kid didn’t hear me talking to myself, but otherwise, it all went well!

I’m glad to have had such a nice writing day going into this week. I’m going to have a truly mad day at work tomorrow — it’s wall to wall meetings with students that, yes, were my own doing but still — so having this bit of positive momentum feels like the best way I could possibly start this week. I hope that you’ve had a nice writing day today and, if you haven’t, I’m sending you extra well wishes for tomorrow. Either way, actually, extra well wishes for tomorrow. xx

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