NaNoWriMo 2020 – Day 21

Starting word count: 69129
Ending word count: 71150
Total words: 2021

I woke up obnoxiously early this morning (a very sarcastic thank you to my dog for always waking me up at the crack of dawn) but even still, it was hours before I was sat down properly behind my computer so that I could start writing for the day.

My brain was just really struggling to get started this morning. And, honestly, continued to struggle through most of the day.

I spent most of the day doing everything but writing. I finished helping some of the students I tutor with their papers, I played Pokemon Sword, I caught up on my fanfiction reading (still have so many tabs open, starting to think I’ll never actually manage to read them all), I went on a nice walk with my son and the dog and then I went on another walk with my son at one of the state parks near where we live. I very much appreciated the time outside — especially because it was unseasonably warm today — but I definitely had the constant hum of you really should have finished your writing this morning going in the back of my head, like, all day.

Especially because it wasn’t until after my son went to bed that I was actually sitting down again and trying to get anything coherent out of my brain.

we saw so many adorable ducks (unfortunately not pictured)

I wrote a little bit in chapter 19 and I was going to try and make myself stick there, but honestly, given the fact that I’d already put off writing until the absolute last part of the day, I figured I might as well not also try to drag the middle of this novel’s plot out of the recesses of my brain. As I was working on some of the later sections, though — and I really did work on a patchwork on things today — I found myself thinking back to what was going on in chapter 19.

I’m just as shocked as you are!

I sketched out the next few chapters, too, so I think I know (very roughly) how I’m going to connect the dots over the next few days. So, really, for a day where I was feeling supremely unmotivated, I managed to come out all right in the end. I hope you had a lovely Saturday, writing and all. x

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