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Hello, hello! We’re back again with another one of these — I realised that, the last… two times I did a day in my life post, I’d chosen a week day (I’m pretty sure, to be honest, I didn’t look that closely), so I thought I’d pick a weekend so I can document the way that a fairly typical Saturday usually goes.

Of course, my dog went and ruined it right away by waking me up at 6.30, but I’m serious when I say that, normally, I’m sleeping until at least 7.30-8.

Anyway, here’s how my day went.

6.32: my dog woke me up for the second time (the first time was an absolutely delightful 2.30), so I gave up and just decided to get up for the day

6.38: I made a cup of tea and cuddled up on the sofa with a blanket, a piece of toast, and a book. I’m currently reading Riot Baby by Tochi Onyebuchi

8.06: made my second cup of tea after finishing Riot Baby. While my tea steeped, I decided to strip my bed because there’s nothing better than going to bed in freshly washed sheets and I feel like future me is really going to be thrilled about this. I also got a few pre-made kanelbullar (pre-made as in I made the dough earlier this week and, once they were rolled and ready to prove, I stuck them on a tray in the freezer for future consumption) and set them on a tray to defrost and prove. Bakers out there might possibly be wringing their hands but it works incredibly well, I swear to you

8.19: toast no longer cutting it — I switched on some YouTube (amandabb’s video about Valentine’s Day collections) and made myself a bowl of porridge. When I finished Amanda’s video, I went back to watching Riverdale (I’ve been watching it more or less nonstop this week and I have absolutely no regrets)

9.35: porridge finished, I wasn’t ready to give up Riverdale. Cue lazy Saturday morning laying on the sofa with a blanket and my phone and my endless commentary (to myself) about how ridiculous this show is

10.07: I did my daily Yoga with Adriene video. Today was a “Full Body Flow”, part of the February Bridge playlist because I’m still trying to commit to doing yoga every day

10.49: kanelbullar fresh out of the oven, I grabbed myself one and made my third cup of tea for the day. I was intending to sit down and do some writing, but I went in and responded to some student writing tutoring assignments instead. While, of course, watching Riverdale

12.48: I finished the tutoring assignments I’d taken on and made myself another cup of tea. I’d had a bit of lunch while I was tutoring (the kid wanted chicken nuggets and, honestly, that sounded delicious, so I had some too), but I was in the mood for an afternoon sugar hit so it was another cinnamon bun for me 😉

13.06: I replied to YouTube comments while, yes, watching Riverdale. Do I ever stop watching Riverdale? No. But it’s fine. I’m fine

photo shot from above -- six kanelbullar (cinnamon buns) on black grid cooling rack. Buns are deep golden brown and sprinkled with a healthy measure of pearl sugar.
did I put too much pearl sugar on? possibly. do I care? not in the slightest.

13.28: because I’m apparently putting off doing my writing for as long as humanly possible today, I sat down and did a few lessons on Duolingo. One of my goals is to get ten more crowns this month, so I earned myself another one today

15.08: tired of loafing around the house all day, the kid and I went outside for a nice, decently long (read: as long as I could convince him) walk. There’s still a good bit of snow on the ground and, truth be told, it was sleeting a little while we walked, but it was a refreshing walk all the same.

15.49: fresh in from outside, I made the kid a warm mug of hot chocolate and settled in to actually start my writing for the day…. Only to get immediately distracted by the idea of having a Harry Styles dance party in the living room

16.03: I finally (finally) sat down to do my writing for the day. I put on my Summer in the City project playlist and sat on the sofa watching the sleet come down and it was a confusingly perfect mix of vibes

16.57: I finished up my writing! I put it off for the entire day and, in the end, it didn’t end up even taking me that long. I finished with 2067 words and a few more half written scenes that future me will have to figure out.

17.35: Saturday night is movie night in our house and it was the kid’s night to pick the movie. He picked The Bee Movie, and then, because he was tragically bored, he decided we were watching a few episodes of Captain Underpants in Space instead. Not exactly my speed, but then again, I spent the day watching Riverdale, so I don’t think I can judge

20.15: it was time for the kid to go to bed — I threw a load of laundry into the washing machine and then we read a chapter of The Burning Maze

21.31: I took a few minutes to make a couple of lists (I love a list) and then I sat down to finish up this blog post!

Well, well, well, we had a full day my friends. I have been staring at the nice clean sheets on my bed for the last few minutes and wow, let me tell you, I cannot wait to fall into bed tonight. Fingers crossed my dog sleeps through the night because I’m exhausted.

I hope you all had a good day! Let me know something you particularly enjoyed about today down below! Sending you and yours lots of well wishes.

x Elle

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  1. This is so awesome! I get so sidetracked with Instagram and the stuff I’m /supposed/ to do.

    I have been trying to comment on your last YouTube tea chat video with some resources for you! Can’t seem to get it to work, so I thought I’d add it here –
    If you want in-depth information on the business side of it, check out the Facebook group 20booksto50k, Heart Breathing’s YouTube Channel, or the Publish and Thrive course. They are all about self-publishing and help so much with the mindset, the actual tasks needed, and the business side of it. Obviously, you’ve got the writing side down!

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