NaNoWriMo 2020 – Day 6

Starting word count: 36528
Ending word count: 38638
Total words: 2110

I’ll be honest, I spent most of my writing time today anxiously refreshing The Guardian’s live election coverage and dancing around my house because Georgia and Pennsylvania!!!! It helped, too, that Little Mix’s new album Confetti came out today — an omen? A sign that I will later be throwing confetti??? I CERTAINLY HOPE SO.

The dog and I went on another walk today (this time with the kid who, while not pictured, was holding the leash). We all enjoyed the opportunity to get out into the sunshine and feel the last few bits of warmth before winter sets in here in the mid-Atlantic (not that we properly get winter here anymore, because climate crisis). It was also a nice opportunity to stop staring at Twitter.

photo of a small black and white cockapoo on a walk. She's on a lime green leash standing on a gravel path in the foreground. In the background, there's a bench, a small collection of trees, and some grass.
my little dog on yet another little walk

I got my writing finished early again (hence why you’re seeing this post in the afternoon) and I really think that that’s going to be critical for me moving through the rest of the month. The later in the evening it gets, the more and more my mind turns to slush.

Let me know how your writing went today! We’re nearly finished our first week of NaNo (I cannot believe it) — sending you (and Georgia and Pennsylvania!!!) lots and lots of positive vibes.

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