NaNoWriMo 2020 – Day 4

Starting word count: 32146
Ending word count: 34410
Total words: 2264

Well, I’m still stressed!! I knew I would be today, but knowing hasn’t made the stress any easier.

I actually managed to get all my words written this morning — thank you, stress, for waking me up before my alarm — and I’d forgotten how nice it is to go through the day, like, already having hit the writing goal I set for myself. I used to wake up (back in the time when I was commuting to work) at an absolutely ungodly hour and do exactly that — get all my writing done so that, when I got home, my brain fried from working and commuting, I didn’t

A photo of a dog on a walk on a gravel path alongside the woods. The path is covered in leaves and there is a small black and white cockapoo in the lower left foreground on a bright yellow leash. The sun is newly up, so the light through the trees in the background is bright and warm.
my little dog loves a morning walk

have to try and conjure up anything that sounded halfway decent. That was something that always came and went in waves (you can only wake up early for so long, I find), but it definitely stopped altogether in quarantine.

Which was a good thing, you know, because I needed the sleep, but I guess the point of this ramble is that I forgot how nice it is working in the morning.

Let me know how your writing shapes up today (or how it’s been going these first few days!). If you’re in the US, I know that we’re in for an incredibly stressful… undetermined period of time, so I hope you have a network of people you love who can help support you if you need it. Here’s a thread from Bitch Media about protecting your mental health in the coming days. I recommend giving it a look (and I’m sure there are a lot of other threads you can stumble across when you, inevitably, give in to a little doom scrolling).

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