I’ve got a writing blog now!

Well, hello there! First blog post on this ol’ baby, eh?

I think it’s going to take a little bit of time for me to find my voice here, especially because I already have a Tumblr where I talk a little bit about writing. I think that’s okay, the fact that I’m going to take some time. I’m trying this thing where I’m kind to myself (because, you know, the world, but also it’s just a good thing to do) and so I’m going to give myself the time to find my voice in this space!

It’s a good reminder, really, because we all need to find our voices in every new space (or every new novel) we enter.

Which, speaking of, I’ve got to decide what I’m going to work on now that I’m ready to start querying my completed project again…. But more on that in the future!

I decided to create this space — and to hold it for myself — because I wanted a dedicated space to talk about my writing, a space that’s connected with the little website I’m building here. My grand hope is that, if I’m lucky enough to get an agent and lucky enough to publish, that this could become a space where I share things I’m working on, things I’m doing, things I’m thinking about.

And, sure, my tumblr has some of that, but it also has fanfiction and pictures of leopards biting their tails and those things are perfect and valid but I just wanted the dedicated space, okay?

Why am I explaining myself so much, good lord. The patriarchy! I’m just doing this and I hope you’re (assuming you’re reading this) along for the ride, because I’d love to cultivate some community here.

I don’t have much more to say now — I just hope you have a stunningly beautiful week and I’ll see you again soon. X Elle

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