NaNoWriMo 2020 – Day 8

Starting word count: 40203
Ending word count: 42240
Total words: 2037

I don’t honestly feel like I have that much to say today. I got about 1000 words written this morning before breakfast (which was great) and then I managed to write about 500 before I had to go run a last minute (and very annoying) errand before dinner that completely threw me off my rhythm. It’s only now, quarter to nine, that I’ve finished dragging the last few words out of myself, and even that was because I skipped ahead and started writing a new scene rather than messing with the middle of the novel scene I’m currently working on.

I know I said it yesterday, but the middle of the novel feels are HERE. My only hope is that I can get through them quickly (or that I can at least add in little bits in my day where I get to write later scenes to keep my sanity).

Let me know how your day went. And omg I forgot this yesterday, but we’re officially over a week into NaNo now! We’re doing it!!

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